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Quality Driveway Restoration Service

Drives, paths and patios or any paved areas over a period of time can get very dirty and suffer from a build up of moss and pollutants (depending on their surroundings).


Also, if the driveway was not laid properly it can suffer from dipping, sinking, spreading, or loose edges and borders.


We can lift the defective areas, re-sand and repair your old driveway restoring it to at least 80% of the original colour, thanks to our high pressure clean and seal programme. 


Jet washing also removes oil and diesel stains, pollutant grime, weeds and moss. This will not only leave you proud of the look of your paving but, importantly will extend its life and is a very cost-effective way to increase the value of your property.


We use an industrial hydro powered jet 

Unlike DIY jet washers, this is powerful enough to immediately remove all grime and avoid the damage that can be caused by the prolonged use of underpowered jet washers.

Whatever we do we use the same level of care and attention to achieve a perfect result whatever type of driveway or home improvement you are having…

Block Paving • Crazy Paving • Slab-laying • Gravelling

Driveway Extensions • Brickwork • Drainage • Fencing

Decking • Paths and Patios.



20 years of driveway experience.

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