Patios and Paths

Landscaping your garden doesn’t just add value to your home. It provides you with a beautiful space where you can enjoy your leisure time. It gives you an outlook that you can enjoy from within your home and can complement the look of your house from the outside. 


With an incredibly wide range of materials, styles and colours to choose from you can let your imagination run wild and plan the garden that is perfect for you, your house and your budget! 


We can then help you to realise your plans with our expertise so that in no time at all you are enjoying your ideal garden instead of dreaming about it.

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Pride and passion as standard

All excess rubbish is removed promptly from the site. We don’t have the inconvenience of waiting for hire skips as all excavation and removal equipment is owned by us. 


We then use recycled hardcore as a base foundation. This is levelled and compacted by machine ready for the sub-base. 


After compacting we lay a sub-base type one foundation (better known as MOT). This is then levelled and compacted by machine. 


The area is then covered with sharp sand, levelled and compacted again by machine before being screed to the appropriate levels and slope to allow for excess water drainage. 


Top finish as selected by the client. 


We will advise as to any drainage grilles that may be required and any manholes covers can be replaced by recessed cover that accept the paving used on your path or patio. 

Path and Patio restoration

Drives, paths and patios or any paved area will, over a period of time get very dirty due to pollution and will accrue moss and weeds.We can restore all paved areas to ‘close to’ their original colour using our high pressure clean and restore programme. We will also repair any sinking, dipping or spreading areas at the same time if required.

20 years of Patio and Path experience.

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